5 best escape games in Singapore

Posted on October 8, 2020

Fancy yourself a master detective, a zombie apocalypse survivor or a spy? From eluding an undead army to solving a murder, you can put your skills to the test in these extreme situations. I flung myself deep into suspense and found Singapore’s top escape games.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to clear these rooms. Most of them have a mere 10 per cent success rate, with some as meagre as 5 per cent. If this was reality, most of us would be trapped forever.

Most value for Money: Freeing SG
Recommended Room: Unmask

Freeing SG has ten different themed rooms, and some specialize in shock value. If you step in and you’re underwhelmed by the setting, just remember that there’s more hiding behind the locked door…

You’re only allowed one hint per game, so astute observation is a must. Oh, and in the “Silent Blood” room, you start out being chained up in a dungeon. Plus points for making you feel like the star of Fifty Shades of Grey.

$14-$22 per pax. More information and booking at FreeingSg.com

Most challenging: lostsg
Recommended Room: Aokigahara

Unlike many other escape rooms that utilize padlocks, LOST’s games use motion detection and action-specific triggers to progress. Don’t be surprised if you end up playing an instrument in one of the rooms!

LOST’s Aokigahara room, inspired by Japan’s Suicide Forest, is touted as one of its scariest. But the only thing that’s scary is how obscure some of its puzzles are, and the fact that it’s not even the toughest room under LOST. So I’d recommend you clear Aokigahara before trying its hardest room, called Isometrick.

$20.90-$26.90 per pax. More information and booking at Lost.sg

Most family-friendly: room raider
Recommended Room: Where’s Cuddle

f you’re familiar with Orchard Central, you’ll know that it has a bright, open layout. This doesn’t do wonders for immersion, but it means you’ll have less to be scared by.

The “Where’s Cuddles” game looks like an explosion of soft and fuzzy goodness, with its rooms colorfully decorated with murals and soft toys. Not that you’ll have time to play with them – the puzzles are mind-bending, requiring a lot of concentration and observation.

$22-$28 per pax. More information
and booking at RoomRaiderSg.con

Largest scale: real escape game (REG)
A few times a year, the folks of REG put together a mystery of astounding scale. This year started off with Last Garden, a hunt for the missing orb of life that spanned Gardens by the Bay.

Many of the puzzles were relatively easy to crack, but the final few had me stumped. You don’t have to rush with the free-and-easy option, where you can take your time and even head out for grub – as long as you solve it before the game closes at night.

REG returns in June this year with an island-wide edition, with difficulty raised to regular (challenging) levels.

$33 per pax, price may vary. More information and booking at RealEGame.sg

Most terrifying: encounter – the apartment
Recommended Room: The reception counter; it’s the safes.

You don’t want to know the horrors that lurk here. Absolute mystery creates the scare, as do the owners’ wry smiles. Encounter is one of Singapore’s top attractions on TripAdvisor.com for a good reason.

I thought I had adapted to escape rooms by now – I was terribly mistaken. Surrounded by creepy sounds, barely-lit rooms and uncanny triggered events, I was close to breaking down the emergency escape door.

Although we eventually made it out, I’d lost my voice from shrieking. My lack of courage was, indeed, truly terrifying.

$30-$35 per pax (it’s worth it). More information and booking at Encounter.sg

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