Jayleen 1918 Hotel is a hidden gems in Clarke Quay

Posted on September 21, 2020

Jayleen 1918 Hotel located is a very great location and a hidden gems in Clarke Quay area!

It’s very near with some major attractions in Singapore. I thought the year in their hotel name : Jayleen 1918 Hotel, “1918” is an old rusty hotel but turns out I’m wrong. This clean and lovely hotel is perfect.

The room is small but the pillow’s so comfy! I love the breakfast. In their website they stated standard American breakfast at first, I didn’t thought that it will be a buffet- a complete set of breakfast meal!

The WiFi internet inside Hotel Jayleen 1918 speed was better than expected and the TV was below average with only a few channels mostly being news.

The employees I dealt with were all very nice regardless of the time of day/night.

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