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10 Sights & Bites at Killiney Road (Part 2)

Continue from 10 Sights & Bites at Killiney Road (Part 1). 6. Crystal Cafe Teochee porridge buffet Retirees meet regularly for the good Teochew Porridge Buffet at Crystal Café at 131 Killiney Road. Nowadays, the younger generation joins in as the buffet spread has grown to include a large spread of delights. If you love Teochew muay (porridge) , you have to come ...

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10 Sights & Bites at Killiney Road (Part 1)

1. House of Rice Roll and Porridge Enjoy chee cheong fun with various tasty fillings of char siew, prawn, abalone, mango or even XO durian. These ice rolls are delicious and make excellent teatime snacks. Order a few to Tar Pow to share. House of Rice Roll & Porridge is at 89 Killiney Road. 2. French Pastry If you feel like having French pastry or good bread, ...

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