Wings of Time Sentosa spectacular night show

Posted on September 24, 2020

Wings of Time is Sentosa’s spectacular night show, set to soar and redefine Singapore’s night entertainment. The show presents an ensemble of artistically-choreographed effects, majestic music and a talented live cast, bringing a mesmerizing experience to everyone.

Woven together by an epic tale of friendship and courage, the story will linger with you long after you leave the magical isle. Shahbaz, a fantastic mystical pre-historic bird-like creature, will lead you on a journey to explore new frontiers and dimensions.

Together with Rachel and Felix, Shahbaz travels across wondrous landscapes and the mysteries of time. Soon, the friends will face a test of both their friendship and mettle.

Come to Wings of Time, at Sentosa, Siloso Beach, immerse yourself in a magical world where imagination takes flight and fantasy crosses the boundary into reality. Soar on a new adventure.

How to get to Sentosa Island from Jayleen 1918 Hotel Singapore to enjoy the Wings of Time show ?
Walk to Clarke Quay Station, which is 50m away (1 minute) away from the hotel.
From Clarke Quay Station, board the train towards Harbourfront Station and alight at Harbourfront Station, 3 stops later. Follow Exit C and walk or take monorail to Sentosa Island.

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